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100% increase in user traffic without any paid marketing while maintaining the pre-design SEO rankings.


Robin Esrock, a travel writer, bestselling author, international TV personality, and global adventurer, curates The Great Canadian Bucket List blog, which offers a collection of experiences. What sets Robin apart from other bloggers is his personal approach, which involves weekly reports, photography, videos, reviews, and interviews with everyone he encounters. He has effectively established an omnichannel presence for himself and the blog by utilizing all available forms of media.




Redesign Travel website with extensive published content.


Tools used


CMS: WordPress



The Challenge

The Great Canadian Bucket List aimed to maintain its significant following, extensively published content, and regular visitors while preserving its existing organic traffic and SEO ranking. Implement google ads sense to generate revenue.

The Solution

The entire website was rebuilt, encompassing changes to the layout, clickable elements, and user interface. Throughout this process, the URLs were retained, and Google was updated to preserve the client’s market positioning.

The results

Within just a few months, there was a significant increase of 130% in pageviews, resulting in longer sessions and a reduced bounce rate. Furthermore succffuly integrate google AdSense.

The process

As the UX/UI designer for The Great Canadian Bucket List website redesign project, my role was to understand the client’s requirements, create a user-centered design, and ensure a seamless user experience. My responsibilities included:

Through these steps, I aimed to deliver a website redesign that not only met the client’s requirements but also enhanced the user experience, increased engagement, and boosted traffic flow.


Based on the Client's interview, they wanted to keep content and traffic but redefine the layout visually, so I came up with Sketch, wireframe, and prototype.

Information Architecture


List page

Detail page

Book Page


List page

Detail page

Book page

Design system

Final Product


List page

Detail page

Book page

Traffic Organic Visibility- The result

From May to August 2021, The Great Canadian Bucket List achieved almost twice the number of unique visitors through organic search rankings. As a result of the website move, pageviews increased by 130%, and the average session duration rose to 120.42%.
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Keywords Rank
Organic users/month
0 %
Increase in web traffic (Aug 2021 vs May 2021)
decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA)

Image Credit to The perfect web creation

Thank you!

Thank you for watching My UX casestudy. I appreciate your interest in My work and hope you found it informative. Please feel free to reach out to me with any feedback or questions you may have. Thank you again for your time.
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